¡Hola Barcelona!

I arrived in Barcelona yesterday in the afternoon after a long trip. I went with my family on Disney´s Magic cruise to Canada. We stopped in Halifax and St. John. Both were amazing, which I would love to talk more about in another post! Yesterday morning I got off the ship at 9 am. I spent the day with my dad and then got dropped off at JFK around 7 pm. The flight was horribly long. I believe something like 8 hours to Madrid. But with the time difference, I left at 10 pm and got to Madrid at almost noon the next day. I slept awful. The plane itself was absolutely fine, maybe some extra room would be nice. Then we had hop on the next flight to Barcelona. Once we were in Madrid, we were just completely engulfed in Spanish. I took three years in high school which barely helps. They talk fast. Not to mention, Barcelona is a bilingual city: Spanish and Catalan. It´s a big maze of one way streets and then streets that are just for walking and then big streets that the cars will legit run you over. It´s a little nerve racking, to be honest. The girl I´m traveling with, Kris, has a sister and brother-in-law who are living in an apartment in Barcelona for a month. ´They showed us around yesterday. We walked all over, mostly in the Barri Gótic and Las Ramblas areas. So many beautiful things to see just wandering around aimlessly. We went to a big market with all kinds of fresh foods. All the seafood was alive. A bunch of crabs, shrimp, lobsters… just hanging out on ice ready to be sold. No cages either, the ice makes them lethargic. So they just kinda move a little here and there. A lot of speciality foods were there as well, of course. But no, I am not a fan of seeing brains, stomachs, or fish heads being chopped off right there in front of me. Sorry, I am not that adventurous. Later that night, Kris and I headed out to a little bar which was so cute. The owner actually gave us roses! It was so sweet and I felt like I was in middle school and ready to write a note back of ´do you like me? yes? or no? circle one.´ Yes, I know, quite silly. Made it back to the hostel about 3 am. Overslept today through 2 alarms. Woops. I headed out to the Park Guëll and wandered around there for a few hours before getting off at the wrong bus stop back to hostel and wandering around because I was so lost. I´m back at the hostel now resting and making a plan for the next few days.

A deep sigh of relief that I really do like Barcelona. But, in a few days after seeing some more things, I´m very excited to head to France! Anyone have any suggestions of whether we should go to Marseille or Nice? Anything I absolutely can´t miss while I´m still in Barcelona?


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