Study Abroad Process – Greece Update

Since fourth grade when we learned about Greek Mythology for the first time, I have been obsessed with seriously anything greek-related. My number one destination spot in the entire world would have to Greece. I just want to immerse myself in their culture, see everything I’ve read about in books, articles, and the internet, and see all the sites that make Greece, well, Greece.

In my opinion, college isn’t college without a study abroad program. After transferring schools, I lost some time and credits that force me to be a ‘super senior’ next year instead of graduating in less than a month like most of my friends. It’s alright, because it gives me another summer to be able to plan out a study abroad program. A few attempts in the previous years have failed, so I have my hopes high for this one to pull through. Last fall, I found my perfect program – through Google, no less. It’s through a Georgia university and teaches philosophy and art. Great, the art will count towards my art minor. Plus, I get to learn new drawing techniques ON SITE in GREECE. Wow. I was just whatever about the philosophy courses since I already had my philosophy 101 credit for my core classes. But, I looked into the syllabi, the one was all about greek mythology. My 10 year old self is shrieking with glee inside.

So, I found the perfect program, pretty affordable, and such a nice teacher that has helped me every step of the way. But the process for both schools is so tedious! I need this signature from this person, the syllabus from this teacher to give to that teacher to sign off, to this advisor, to that advisor, to faxes back and forth for signatures, then more signatures, and just ahh! I’m ready to pull my hair out. I’m not quite out of the jungle of signatures yet, but I’m probably 85% of the way there! Just wanted to give an update for my Greece trip.

As for my accommodations in Greece, I will be staying in an apartment in Athens, blocks from the Acropolis. It’s from July 2-20 with 4-day work weeks and 3-day weekends. Meals are provided during the 4-day work weeks plus a fridge in the apartment stocked with basics. All transportation (for classes) and entry into sites are included. I do have to book my own flight and pay for the airfare. Despite that, I think the price is great for what seems like such a perfect trip. I will continue to update as time goes along.

Have you participated in any study abroad programs or something similar? Would you like to/wish you could have? What was your experience like?